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Hi =) I love to bake. Full stop (although I already put a dot) I am a teen who wants to share her baking with the world and tell the stories behind it! Hope you'll like it and get inspired =D Let's get some facts right before you start reading 1. Savoury is not really my thing - sorry! 2. I am obsessed with chocolate 3. I am currently on a challenge to find the perfect brownie, chocolate chip and banana bread recipe Welcome to 'Go Bake Yourself'

I’ve Moved!!!!!

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After so many posts of waiting and waiting and telling you guys that my new blog is underway, it has finally been finished


Obviously, I am super excited, but I would even more thrilled if all of you wonderful people would head on over there and check it out:


There are a few teething problems – for instance, some people who are trying to comment are unable to (for now, the only thing I could possibly try to suggest is to log out of and then visit my new blog if you want) and I still don’t have a back up program set up, but all in time no? :P

Thank you all for visiting here – let’s take the journey on a new route because I will officially never post on this wordpress blog again!

If you could resubscribe, comment there or just enjoy all the same delicious desserts, in a gorgeous new location, I would really appreciate it ♥♥♥♥

See you there :)

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